Online slots and issues about winning too often

Many people have wondered if they can be banned from online slots simply for winning too often. If you think about it, it really wouldn’t be a good idea for online casino operators to do this. Most of them are savvy enough to know that they always have a better chance of winning than you do, whether you play video slots or free slots.

In fact, the more you win, the more they will want you to keep playing so that they have a chance to make their money back. What they often do however is stop giving cash bonuses to players who win but always leave right after. If there are any problems with online casinos, the customer is usually able to resolve the situation quickly and the decision usually goes in their favor. After all many online casinos are pretty large enterprises and they would have to provide good customer service in order to keep operating. It wouldn’t really be beneficial for them to not have you come back! If you do have a problem related to online slots that is not resolved by the company to your satisfaction, then you may want to take it to a higher authority.